Lady Grey Sour


50ml Poltergeist

1 Lady Grey or Earl Grey tea bag

25ml lemon juice

12.5ml lavender syrup

Dash of Orange Bitters

Egg white

Garnish with orange twist & lavender sprig

This one’s for all the tea lovers. If you enjoy a mug of Earl Grey then you will love this gin infused cocktail sour which mixes the earthy taste of a cuppa with the citrus twist of a sour. Don’t let your mother drink too many of these!

The Method

  1. Chill down a coupette or glass mug with ice.
  2. Infuse your gin with an Earl Grey or Lady Grey teabag. Allow 1 tea bag per 200ml gin to sit in a jar or jug for around 20 minutes (until your gin is a rich tea colour).
  3. Add 50ml of the infused Poltergeist gin, lemon juice, lavender syrup and bitters to a shaking tin.
  4. Add the egg white and 1 cube of ice, then shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds to whisk up the egg white.
  5. Fill up the shaker with ice and shake again for around 10 seconds.
  6. Discard ice and melted water from the glass then double strain the contents of the shaker into it.
  7. Garnish with dehydrated orange and a sprig of rosemary rested on the side of the glass.