Poltergeist Negroni


25ml Poltergeist

25ml Campari

25ml Cocchi Sweet Vermouth

Dash of Orange Bitters

Garnish with dehydrated orange & lavender sprig

A simple, traditional recipe that has stood the test of time until recently with the introduction of artificial gins. We’re happy to confirm that our Poltergeist Gin sits perfectly in this Campari/Vermouth concoction.

The Method

  1. Chill down a rocks glass with ice.
  2. In a mixing jug/shaker tin add Poltergeist, Campari vermouth and bitters.
  3. Fill your mixing vessel with ice and stir down for 30 seconds to a minute.
  4. Discard ice and melted water from rocks glass and strain contents of mixer into the glass.
  5. Fill glass with ice and squeeze a slice of orange peel over glass to release oils/aroma.
  6. Garnish with dehydrated (or fresh) orange and a sprig of lavender (or rosemary)